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United Automatic Transmission Fluids are a series new generation petroleum based product for automatic and powershift transmissions. The highest level product of ATF are suitable for use both GM Dexron III and Ford Mercon. In addition, it also meets Allison C-4 fluid and is qualified as a PSF specification.

United Unigear S4 SAE 90/140/80W90/85W90/85W140

United Unigear S4 is a multi purpose gear lubricant specialty formulated to meet the unique requirements of API GL-4 service. United Unigear S4 is blended from selected base stocks and additives that yield a lubricant of exacting quality. This product is compounded utilizing sulfur phosphorus GL4 chemistry and contains foam suppressants as well as corrosion inhibitors which are specially designed to protect bronze alloys. The result is a lubricant, which resists the formation of varnish deposits on synchronizer components thus assuring long, trouble free operation.

United Unigear S5 SAE 90/140/80W90/85W90/85W140

United Unigear S5 is a multi purpose gear lubricant manufactured from selected, highly refined base oil and blended with field-proven additives. This combination creates a product with excellent chemical and thermal stability over a wide range of temperature.

United Unigear S5 is designed to provide top-tier performance under extremely high pressure (EP Condition) by utilizing the core Sulfur-Phosphorus EP Technology. This advanced Chemistry allows the United Unigear S5 to be able to withstand the super high load between the teeth of those hypoid gear sets commonly found in modern vehicles’ transmission system. United Unigear S5 having excellent thermal stability and corrosion resistance as well. It is blended with antifoam to suppress excess forming. The superior sulfur / phosphorus additives also are fully compatible with seals and gaskets.