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United EST Chain & Gear Oil 100/150/220/320/460

United EST Chain & Gear Oil is specially formulated with fully synthetic ester base oil that enables it to provide excellent lubricating properties even at very high temperatures. It provides maximum operating reliability with the optimum wear & oxidation protection.


United Fully Syn Industrial Gear & Bearing Oil 150/220/320/460/680

United Fully-Syn industrial Gear & Bearing Oil are formulated with proprietary synthetic polyalphaolefin (PAO) base and ester technology with performance additives that enhance oxidation stability, improve foam control, maintain superior stability in the presence of water, and provide protection against rust, corrosion, and wear. Synthetic base oils provide longer oil life over conventional mineral oils.

United Unigear S3 Industrial Gear Oil 100/150/220/320/460/1000

United Unigear S3 Industrial Gear Oils comprise a family of extreme pressure gear lubricants designed to operate over a very wide range of temperatures and conditions. These fluids possess excellent high temperature oxidation stability and superior low temperature fluidity. United Unigear S3 Industrial Gear Oils have the ability to rapidly separate from water and prevent the formation of anti-lubricating emulsions. The incorporation of special additives in United Unigear S3 Industrial Gear Oils protects equipment from rust, corrosion and foam. In addition, extreme pressure additives provide optimum protection against shock loading and offer high load carrying capabilities.