• CASMOLY MP 132 11523

    CASMOLY MP 132

    CASMOLY MP-132 grease is high-quality lithium-soap grease containing an optimum percentage of solid
    lubricants in combination with other highly effective extreme pressure additives.
    It has a wide range of applications and is well suited for plain and anti-friction bearings as well as other
    grease-lubricated machine elements. It performs equally well under high loads and high speeds or low
    speeds and reciprocating motion.
    Even at very high surface pressures in the range of boundary lubrication, it reduces the coefficient friction
    and presents metal-to-metal contact thus minimizing wear. It markedly improves running-in conditions
    and ensures quieter operation of machines.
  • CAMOLY BX-15M 11522


    CASMOLY BX-15M is designed for bearing and it is based polyurea thickener with highly refined mineral base oil. Also it has various additives and anti-wear properties for high perfomance any kind of bearing lubrication such as ball, sliding and ball-and-roller bearings. It is excellent for rust preventative, oxydation stability and heat-resisting property. These advantages make bearing had long term lubrication and durability.

  • CASMOLY CSG-100 11521


    CASMOLY CSG-100 is based on high refined mineral oil and the thickener is calcium sulfonate.
    It can make to solve many problems which most grease has.
    It is applied for parts requiring extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-corrosion and it has excellent stability
    especially for mechanism under moisture and high temperature.
    It is very good for environment attraction.
  • CASMOLY EP 0, 1, 2, 3(L) 11520

    CASMOLY EP 0, 1, 2, 3(L)

    CASMOLY EP series are very suitable for general use, as it is based on high-refined mineral oil and
    blended with various additives appropriately. It provides outstanding lubrication on many kinds of parts
    due to excellent extreme pressure, oxidation stability, and anti-wear property.
  • CASMOLY MP 2, 3(L) 11519

    CASMOLY MP 2, 3(L)

    CASMOLY MP series are lithium grease based on refined mineral oil and mixed additives for working
    effective, so it is very suitable for general purpose use.
    Comparing to general petroleum grease, they provide good extreme pressure and oxidation stability. Also,
    it can be applied on various kinds of part for lubrication.
  • UC RANGE 11375


    United Oil UC110 Grease is a heavy duty, water resistant, multi-purpose grease for automotive and light truck chassis applications. It is formulated with Calcium thickener, rust and oxidation inhibiting additives.

  • UL RANGE 11374


    Extreme Pressure - Heavy duty multi-purpose premium grease offering you extra EP performance for automotive bearing protection. 

  • UX 250 11373

    UX 250

    United Oil UX250 High Temperature Grease is a high performance, versatile, long life EP grease. It is based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a Lithium Complex thickener and contains latest additive technology to offer high temperature oxidation performance, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.



    United Slideway Oil is an ashless, low odor, compounded oil designed to deliver premiu performance for slideway applications. It offers excellent demulsibility, oxidation staibility, corrosion protection, lubricity, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties for use on heavily loaded machine tool slideways, horizontal or vertical.

  • UNIQUENCH MF 70 11369


    UNIQUENCH MF 70 is a premium quality quench oil designed to provide a rapid, uniformed quench. This product is fortified with special anti-oxidants to minimize staining of the parts and sludge formation in the system and reduces fractional distillation. Blended with the latest state-of-art hydro-cracked refined base-stock, UNIQUENCH MF 70 offers inherent thermal stability and high viscosity index.