• UX 8243


    High Temperature Grease - high performance, versatile, long life, extreme pressure (EP), Lithium Complex thickener with latest additive technology for high temperature oxidation performance, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
  • BRAKE FLUID 8233
  • COOLANT 8232
  • UNIGEAR 8224


    Oils that gives you high efficiency, enhanced wear protection for long life.
  • ATF 8223


    We are reputed to be a specialist on Automatic Transmission Fluids with the widest range. Our products are tailored to your specific transmission needs whether it is Dual Clutch, CVT, MV High or Low Vis.
  • XTG 8214


    Formulated with latest technology for smoother drive and extra engine protection
  • PLUS 8213


    Synthetic Blend with advanced additives for extra performance
  • GOLD 8212


    Fully synthetic with advanced additives for maximum performance
  • Premium Range 8202

    Premium Range

    To meet the demands for racing and extreme applications, we formulate this range with the most advanced components & latest technology. The range uses synthetic base oils which has naturally high viscosity index & superior thermo-stability and meet highest API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications API SN. Performance has been proven with success at race events in Australia, Macau, Malaysia and China.